Q.) “Where do babies come from?”

A.) The geraniums have all but lost their lusty crimson.

Q.) How can I make Art official?

A.) These robots require more oil than most, but their souls are more pure.

Q.) “How long does it take to paint a movie before it is in Theatres?”

A.) Every pot here is guaranteed not to tarnish or crack.

Q.) “What are the psychological ramifications of painting Pet Portraits?”

A.) “In many cases, years (some documented cases of decades…) will pass before the Pet Portrait Artist shows any outward symptoms. When they do, the inward damaging and driving force is a combined anxious-hallucinatory type dominant personality which normally includes a combination of all the pets in the artists mind. The images and voices (human voices belonging to dogs, cats, etc.) will manifest into a savior complex for the afflicted. Many will collect hundreds of feral cats or dogs to the detriment of their living situation. (does not fall under hoarding even though it can present as OCD.

Q.) Will it be the yellow hat for m’lord today?

A.) Symptoms include: Discombobulation of sensory input, nightmares and migraines, and an intense sense of sexual humiliation- IMPORTANT- the afflicted require immediate hospitalization and drug therapy for 3 to 9 months minimum. It can be years before the return of their original personality.”-Dr. Lenny Koahan, PhD. MD. New England journal of Medicine. Published June 1988

Q.) When does it all stop smelling of wheat thins?

A.) Yes

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